Picking up Where You Left Off

Recently, I had lunch with a former co-worker whom I’d consider a friend. We had not seen each other for several months. It was a nice lunch and I recall us both commenting that it was like we could just pick up where we left off (from the last time we talked). We didn’t have to start from scratch, or lay any of the ground work—that had already been done. He’s the type of person where while I’d prefer to see him face-to-face, I’d accept an email or quick phone call or IM to “talk” to him.

In the workplace, we often start up new relationships. I think of having an end goal to some day be able to “pick up where you left off” is a good way to frame up the desired outcome. Making that investment of time with each new person is something I’m committed to do. It’s only after having shared experiences and time can you get it to the point of being able to pick up where you left off. Think about your relationships that are this strong. What would you recommend to folks starting new work relationships as they begin this journey? We can’t under estimate the power of those connections and need to appreciate that there will be some sweat equity in the creation of those relationships.

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