Up with the Good, Down with the Bad

By Dad’s bedside in the hospital where he was recovering from pneumonia, he scratched the phrase on his notebook.

For many of us, especially in our youth, these teachings are often overlooked or resented in some way because we think that we don’t need this type of advice. We’ve figured it all out, in our own mind.

But the truth is, we haven’t figured it all out. We haven’t experienced as much. We haven’t lived as much life.

Great fathers, like mine, are trying to teach us whether that is overtly or just by role modeling. As we advance in our years, these lessons come back to us when we find ourselves in the same fatherly shoes with our own children, and most of us have a greater appreciation later in life.

When our fathers physically leave us, our duplication of the same teachings/lessons to our children is one way we can keep our own fathers with us.

This Father’s Day, as I reflect back what my Dad has taught me, here are some of them.

Relate to People

Know people’s names and where they are from. Find a connection with them that is unique and remember it.

Be Forgiving

All of us have imperfections. Sometimes pointing out someone else’s imperfections doesn’t really serve a positive purpose. Overlook a great deal.

Keep Learning

Dad said recently, “Still, I am learning.”

Up with the Good, Down with the Bad

Get on with it. You can stay focused on the bad, but that doesn’t help you long-term. Instead, focus on the good and constantly improve.

I hope for each of you on this Father’s day that you too reflect.

I love you Dad.  We’re all-in to help you get better.handsdad

I’d love to hear what your reflections are. Thanks for allowing me to share mine.

3 thoughts on “Up with the Good, Down with the Bad

  1. Nathan J. Bennn

    In between nodding off while sitting with him in the room, I asked him what is most important learned lessons/values have been – being that he has been alive nearly 91 years. In no particular order – 1) Being friendly and kind to everyone, 2) Having a sense of community, 3) Family, 4) Faith. So, very much the same. Being a Cyclone I’m sure helps anyone in his opinion, and he never given up on me!

    I’m glad he’s home, and hope that he can stay there as long as possible. Speaking for myself, being home would instantly make me feel better.

  2. Doug Sawyer (@mrdoug97)

    If there was one piece of advice I hope my children and frankly any one else in the world embrace is this; “Everything in this world falls into one of two categories, things you can control and those you cannot.” We cannot control what happens to us in this life, the only thing we can control is our thoughts, words and deeds. Believing this, not just believing but actually practicing this ancient stoic philosophy has really improved my life.


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